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Morning tea

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morning dawn

Fajr Al-Sabah Tea Company is a company specialized in producing and distributing the best types of international tea. The company was founded by a team of experts in the world of tea, who work hard to provide a unique and memorable experience for tea lovers.

Why us
The origin of the tea

Why choose morning dawn tea

Fajr Al-Sabah Tea Company is characterized by providing a wide variety of fresh and organic tea, where the best types of herbs, leaves and spices are selected to achieve the highest levels of quality and unique flavor. The company also relies on innovative and advanced manufacturing processes to preserve the important nutrients in tea and enhance the strength of flavour.

How to make the best tea for you

Stages of production

Stages of making morning dawn tea

Stage 1: Collect the papers

Fresh tea leaves are collected from plants carefully grown in the fields.

Stage 2: drying and fermentation

The drying process takes place to remove moisture from the leaves, and then they are fermented to develop the distinctive flavours.

Stage 3: classification and sorting

The tea is graded according to size and quality, and is sorted to remove impurities and unwanted parts.

Stage 4: packaging

The tea is packaged in airtight bags or packages, with labels and beautiful packaging of the final product.

High quality and variety

Morning dawn tea is characterized by high quality and a wide variety of premium tea, which caters to the preferences of many people.

Excellent buying experience

Fajr Al-Sabah Tea Company provides excellent and fast customer service, in addition to flexible and varied packaging options to suit everyone's needs.

Fresh and organic

The finest herbs, leaves, and spices are carefully selected to achieve the highest quality, freshest, and organic flavour.

Detailed information

The company provides detailed information about each type of tea, including recommendations for preparation and enjoyment in the best way to use.

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